**Negotiations are active and ongoing. Current proposals to date.**

University Compensation Proposal 

The University’s economic proposals are responsive to many of the HGSU-UAW’s stated priorities and build off of the many already established practices and benefits that exist.

The University’s proposal guarantees salary increases for the next three years for salaried student workers, including research assistants, teaching fellows and lecturers.

The University has proposed an 8.2% wage increase over three years (7.2% for teaching fellows) for salaried student workers in addition to the tuition scholarships, health insurance subsidies, and five years of guaranteed stipend that the majority of HGSU-UAW members already receive as students. The University has also proposed raising the minimum hourly pay rate to $16 for non-salaried student workers and a minimum of $17 per hour for hourly instructional workers, rates that will increase in years two and three of the contract by a total of 5%.

Harvard’s initial and current proposed wage increases are in line with final contracts UAW has negotiated elsewhere. The University’s proposal is in line with the wage increases found in existing contracts between other universities and graduate student unions, including:

  • Final UConn UAW contract: 2018-2022 | 2% each year
  • Final University of Washington contract: 2018-2021 | 2% each year
  • Final New School UAW contract: 2018-2023 | 2% each year

Read the University's compensation proposal and learn about the University's other bargaining positions.

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HGSU-UAW Compensation and Payroll Proposal

HGSU-UAW has proposed the following compensation rates for research assistants, salaried teaching fellows, and hourly student workers.

Research Assistants HGSU-UAW's proposed rate for year one of the contract includes an 8% increase to the current salary (5% in addition to the 3% increase already received on July 1, 2019) and a 3.5% increase in subsequent years.  

Salaried Teaching Fellows HGSU-UAW's proposed teaching rates for year one of the contract includes a 6.67% increase to the current salary (5% in addition to the 1.67% increase already received on July 1, 2019) and an increase of at least 3.5% in subsequent years. 

Hourly Student Workers minimum hourly rates will be set at at $25/hour, or a 5% increase over the current rate, whichever is greater.