The University has been engaging in productive and good-faith negotiations with our HGSU-UAW partners. We do so, keeping in mind our responsibility to provide the best possible education to all students and to meet our fundamental commitments as an academic institution.

Negotiations are active and ongoing. Since October 2018, there has been a steady exchange of proposals between the University and the HGSU-UAW bargaining team. We have held more than 50 meetings, including formal full team bargaining sessions, subcommittee meetings, and side sessions away from the table.

Learn more about the University's compensation and benefits offers, and its tentative agreements with HGSU-UAW. 

NLRB proposed rule

The University is currently reviewing the proposed rule to assess its implications on the ongoing negotiations with HGSU. In the meantime, negotiations are continuing and bargaining sessions are already on the calendar for the weeks ahead.

Frequently asked questions

If I object to a provision in the contract that is negotiated, do I have to abide by that provision?

Yes. Collective bargaining is just that: collective. The union now represents all students in the bargaining unit and the provisions in whatever contract they negotiate will apply to all. Any exceptions would need to be explicitly stated in the contract or negotiated with the union. Any collective bargaining agreement must be ratified by more than 50% of the members but once it goes into effect, members are bound by provisions in the agreement while they are a member of the bargaining unit (that is, while they hold a job covered by the agreement).